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Once you create an Automatic Deployment Rule to update Windows, the SCCM error “Automatic Deployment Rule download failed” is possible. Some of the most common error codes in ADR are “0X87D20417“, “Enforcing Actions for Rule 5 failed” and “0x80070005“. Below, we’ll explain how to identify the error with logs and the solution.

Error Automatic Deployment Rules Download Failed in SCCM

First of all, youmust check that from our Site Server the requests to correctly are being sent and received and allow the connections in case of being blocked.

Automatic Deployment Rule download failed SCCM
SCCM Automatic Deployment Rule (ADR) download failed

Once the communications have been checked, to determine if this is your problem, you can read the logs ruleengine.log and PatchDownloader.log. These logs will be in the Logs folder within the System Center Configuration Manager installation on your Site Server.

  • ruleengine.log location: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\Logs\ruleengine.log.
  • PatchDownloader.log location: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\Logs\PatchDownloader.log

Errors should look something like this:

In the logs ruleengine.log and PatchDownloader.log you can see that they are indicating the error codes “Enforcing Actions for Rule 5 failed” and “ERROR: DownloadContentFiles() failed with hr=0x80070005” (0x80070005), which are access denied. You will have to check the permissions in the folder where we have indicated that the KBs are downloaded.

A fact to keep in mind: When you run the ADR manually from the console, you use your user account (your administrator user) . And when the ADR runs automatically, it uses the Primary Site Server machine account. Both accounts must have write and read permissions on the folder at both the NTFS and Share levels.

Permissions over ADR folder

After the ADR permissions have been reviewed, when you run the Automatic Deployment Rule again, it should run successfully. You can open the ruleengine.log and PatchDownloader logs.log to follow the download process:

Automatic Deployment Rule Success
SCCM Automatic Deployment Rule (ADR) download failed fix

SCCM Automatic Deployment Rule failed with error code 0X87D20417

If after applying these solutions you get the SCCM Automatic Deployment Rule failed with error code 0X87D20417 error, try the following steps:

  • Delete and recreate the ADR. Although it seems strange, it is the best method.
  • You may be using an old version of SCCM such as System Center Configuration Manager 2012 R2. There is a hotfix for this version that fixes error 0X87D20417 and error 0x80070197
  • Check the ruleengine.log and PatchDownloader.log logs and look for other error codes.
  • Check again that the download locations are correct and that you have permissions with both your administrator user and the machine account.

If after all this you still have problems, leave a comment and I will help you in any way possible.

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