Configuration Manager Distribution Point Certificate: Cannot access the file that you specified


In SCCM and Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager when you try to import a certificate into a SCCM Distribution Point, you may receive an error with the following message “Cannot access the file that you specified”.

We’ll see the error in Configuration Manager, its causes and the solution to the error of SCCM Distribution Point Certificate.

Error Configuration Manager – Cannot access the file that you specified

Cannot access the file that you specified. Verify that the file is a valid certificate file and that you have entered the correct password, if the file has a password.

Configuration Manager Certificate - Cannot access the file that you specified

Cause of error Cannot access the file that you specified

The Configuration Manager console does not have permissions to access the file or the password is incorrect. This error occurs whether the file is on a network path or a local path on the computer and even specifying a correct password.

Solution to error of SCCM Distrubution Point Certificate

After verifying that the password is correct and that the user using the Configuration Manager console has access to the path. The only thing we need to do is run the Configuration Manager console as an administrator:

Configuration Manager Console - Run as administrator

Now when you reimport the certificate into the SCCM Distribution Point it will work as needed when you click “Apply”:

Configuration Manager Certificate - Cannot access the file that you specified

Computers will already start making use of the certificate when establishing connections to the Configuration Manager’s Distribution Point.

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