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WSUS: Failed Import Microsoft Update Catalog updates Error

If you encountered an error 80131509 or error 800a0046 when importing updates into Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) from Microsoft Update Catalog, don’t worry. Microsoft has acknowledged some bugs that we’ll review in this article so you can find out what’s affecting you in WSUS and resolve it.

You can read this link if you want to know how to import updates manually into WSUS and SCCM. Here we will review the errors encountered when importing updates from MS Update Catalog.

Previous note bug printers – March 2021:

From Microsoft, they reported that March patches for Windows 10 created problems with printers and cause blue screens when trying to print. They have released new patches to fix this error.

Importing out-of-band patches released on 15/03/2020 may have a “Failed“. In this guide we will review how to resolve error 80131509 and 80131509 when importing updates from MS Update Catalog.

Requirements for Importing Updates into WSUS:

WSUS – Error 80131509 and 80131509 – Import Results

When importing WSUS updates we encounter the error:

Error 80131509 and error 80131509:

“Some updates could not be imported. If you canceled the process, try again to import the updates. If an error occurred, click Failed in the progress column next to each update to see how to solve the problem.”

WSUS – Some updates could not be imported – Error 80131509

If we click on “Failed” we can see more details of the error. Getting error code 80131509 and suggesting that we review the WSUS server proxy and configuration:

Error 80131509:

Some updates could not be imported.
Error number: 80131509

The following are common causes and solutions for this issue:

WSUS Error 80131509 and 80131509 Solution

First we need to check that the proxy is properly configured and WSUS is working. In case we have reviewed it or WSUS works normally as long as it is only presenting problems now, we can perform the following method to solve the problem:

1. Open a CMD on the WSUS server as Administrator.
2. Enter the following command:

3. Validate that the key was successfully created in REGEDIT as follows:

4. Restart the WSUS Server.

5. Import the updates into WSUS and verify that error 80131509 or 80131509 does not happen.


After you apply the registry key solution, updates are already imported successfully. When importing updates, we see the message “Done”:

And in WSUS the updates will appear within our catalog:

So far, Microsoft has not explained this issue. Although it all makes you think it’s because of an encryption that you’ve started using the Microsoft Update Catalog website that our WSUS servers weren’t ready for.

In case of news I will update this article. You can leave your doubts or other issues with MS Update Catalog and WSUS in the comments.

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